The many ways to consume coffee

The aroma in the air is the first to arrive, activating areas of the brain linked to the sensation of reward and pleasure. Score one for waking up the brain. Then, along with the sips, come substances capable of
focus, concentration, and even performance in workouts. The caffeine in the drink stimulates the central nervous system, making us more alert, and also increases the presence of adrenaline in the bloodstream – which favors the breakdown of fat cells, which then start acting as then act as fuel, giving us energy for the tasks of the day.

For those who can not resist the good smell coming out of the coffee pot, studies have long been exempting of contraindications and demonstrating its health advantages. A recent study, conducted
University of São Paulo School of Public Health, for example, indicates that a balanced balanced consumption even leads to cardiovascular protection. The explanation, according to the scientists is in the high content of beneficial compounds in grains, including chlorogenic acids, with antioxidant antioxidant properties.

And how much, after all, would this moderate consumption be? “It depends on each person’s metabolism,” says the nutritionist nutritionist and researcher of therapeutic recipes Aline Quissak, from Nutri Secrets, Curitiba.
“But in general the recommendation is to take three to four cups a day, maximum, if possible distributed until the end of the afternoon, since for some people caffeine interferes with the quality of sleep
if it is ingested closer to bedtime”, she ponders. Another care, recommends Quissak, is to postpone for 15 minutes that cup that usually ends lunch. “Coffee can the absorption of the vitamins ingested in the meal”, explains the nutritionist.

If you prefer pure coffee, go ahead. But don’t forget to try some blends that can further enhance the mood and well-being that the drink brings. Just don’t overdo it with sugar, remembering that the recommendation of the World Health Organization (WHO) is not to exceed 25 grams per day, which corresponds to five sachets of 5 grams or two tablespoons of sugar.

Coffee with coconut oil
Here is a good recipe for those who have to face a test or a work meeting that requires a lot of
a lot of attention. The medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) in coconut oil carry the caffeine more
to the neurons. “A cup of 150 ml with a teaspoon of the oil is
enough to increase focus and concentration”, suggests Aline Quissak. The mixture also gives
pike for working out, but it is not advisable to overdo it. “Coconut oil in large
“Coconut oil in large quantities can initiate inflammatory processes in the body,” warns the sports nutritionist
Bruna Quaglio, from São Paulo.

Coffee with cinnamon

“Cinnamon is thermogenic, in other words, it increases body temperature, facilitating fat burning. In addition, it is anti-inflammatory, has antioxidants and helps in the elimination of
gases”, says Quaglio. The combination of coffee and cinnamon is ideal for half an hour before workouts because the spice dilates the veins, which leaves the body more oxygenated, improving performance and reducing the perception of fatigue. For a cup of 80 ml, just half a teaspoon of cinnamon. Tip: as the caffeine in the drink remains in the body for a few hours, if the physical activity is scheduled for the night, the sips can harm the sleep of people more sensitive to the people who are more sensitive to the substance.

Coffee with chocolate

“This association is very valuable around 4pm”, suggests Aline Quissak. She explains: “The high concentration of cocoa in 70% chocolate decreases cortisol, the stress hormone, whose peak is around this time.
around this time. A cup of coffee with chocolate at this time contributes to the maintenance productivity and performance, balancing the possible reactions of agitation and anxiety related
related to the consumption of caffeine.

Coffee with vegetable milk and turmeric

The formula of almond milk with turmeric has been given the name “golden milk” because of the spice’s hue.due to the spice’s hue. Combined with coffee, the duo boosts the anti-inflammatory capacity, antioxidant and antibacterial capacity of the body. “It is ideal for boosting immunity, especially in winter
winter, with the flu around”, advises Quissak.

Coffee with mint

Besides giving a special touch of flavor to the drink, a mint leaf brings the advantage of helping digestion
digestion, because it stimulates the bile flow. A good choice for coffee after lunch.
Aroma of the best quality
When preparing blends with coffee, the main ingredient must be respected and valued.
After all, if it is not of good quality, it can spoil the whimsy of the choice of ingredients for the different recipes.

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